PT3 acquires AD Pilot Plant

An Anaerobic Digester Pilot Plant Acquired.

Point 3 Biotech Corp. advances Microbial Conversion Research in BC with acquisition of Anaerobic Digester Pilot Plant

Delta BC, February 15, 2019: Point 3 Biotech Corp. is accelerating microbial conversion research in British Columbia (BC) by acquiring an Anaerobic Digester Pilot Plant. The equipment valued at a $3,000,0000 is located in Delta, British Columbia, at Seabreeze Farm; the first on-farm digester in Canada to include a full nutrient extraction system.

Point 3 has formed a strategic alliance with Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society to operate the Pilot Plant and future research programs. The partnership will bring extensive experience of both teams together with world-class equipment to advance the Biogas industry and provide solutions for:

  1. Substitute finite natural resources
  2. Recover and recycle nutrients
  3. Improve water recycling (from manure treatment)
  4. Reduce disposal cost
  5. Reduce environmental footprints and impacts of livestock farming

Research using the Pilot Plant is set to become more significant and timely as the BC government is making a bold statement in the CleanBC Strategy calling for a 30-fold increase in renewable gas in the grid and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40 percent, both by 2030. Concurrently, the BC Ministry of Agriculture released the Code of Practice for Agricultural Environmental management, replacing the Agriculture Waste Control Regulation (1992).

The equipment includes 400L reactors, as well as dual identical strings of full pilot scale (4500L reactors) in a controlled environment and manifold fed to allow single variable isolation.

“Through microbial conversion and precision agriculture, we can grow and reconstruct all the required nutrients and proteins for animal feeds. These feeds would replace land-based crops such as soybeans that have a significant environmental impact, compared to the minimal impact closed microbial systems.”
– James Irwin, CEO of Point 3 Biotech Corp.

“Agriculture has an environmental problem that technology will solve and energy can pay for thanks to the strong BC Renewable Gas Program. We are pleased to be able to serve alongside the Point 3 team bringing our work to an entirely new level.”
– Chris Bush, President of Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society

A short video from the National Zero Waste Council on the ongoing Catalyst/Seabreeze work can be seen here. A longer TED talk and how this work relates to Methanotroph titled The Great Reboot of Agriculture.

About Point 3 Biotech Corp.
Point 3 Biotech Corp. is Canadian company whose research includes the production of single cell proteins using Methane for the ‘Future of Food’, the production of Astaxanthin from microalgae, and farming of Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp) for the extraction and distribution of quality, full-spectrum Terpene formulations. The medicinal terpene-based formulation is distributed through the OnPoint 4 Health brand.

About Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society
Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society was established when Catalyst Power, the first on-farm digester in BC, began construction. This plant was the first in North America to provide renewable Natural Gas from a farm to a utility grid. The Society was established to deliver research resources, bringing industry, agriculture, and academia together. It is also the Trustee and management team responsible for the ACES “Technology Meets Permaculture – Zero Waste Agriculture” program.

For further information, contact:

Chris Bush
President, Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society

James Irwin
CEO, Point 3 Biotech Corp.

Anaerobic Digester Pilot Plant located on Seabreeze Farm in Delta, BC.

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