Support from Abbotsford Community Foundation

Abbotsford Community Foundations provides PT3 with a $40,000 Agricultural Enhancement Grant for their manure management project.

PT3 joins BC’s first AgriCentre

Chris Bush explains the importance of the BC AgriCentre’s EcoDairy. The first AgriCentre in Britsh Columbia and the location of PT3’s Anaerobic Digester Pilot Plant.

OnPoint Astaxanthin on Amazon

Our 12mg Astaxanthin now available on More products to come.

What is Zero Waste Agriculture?

Chris Bush explains The Symbiosis Centre & the benefits of renewable Bio-energy (12 min video presentation).

PT3 awarded $300,000

With the dedication of our partner, Chris Bush, PT3 awarded $300,000 funding from NGIF.

Zero Waste Agriculture

PT3 is participating in the Rockefeller Foundation Food System Vision Prize.

SynBioBeta Bio-Belt Ambassador

Our CEO, James Irwin, has been selected as a Bio-Belt Ambassador for SynBioBeta 2019 & will attend The Global Synthetic Biology Summit.

PT3 selected for BC Tech Summit

PT3 selected as one of the ‘Pitching Companies’ during the 2019 BC Tech Summit held in Vancouver, BC.

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

PT3 to attend the Hello Tomorrow global summit in Paris, France where our partner, Christopher Bush of ACES, has been selected to be a curator.

PT3 acquires AD Pilot Plant

PT3 acquires an Anaerobic Digester Pilot Plant to accelerate microbial conversion research in BC.

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