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About Point 3 Biotech Corp.

Science for Sustainability & Health.

Point 3 Biotech is privately held Canadian Corp founded by James Irwin and Frank Dionisi in July 2018. The company has three main areas of research—microalgae, zero-waste agriculture and terpenes, which are plant bioactives with benefits for health and wellness.

  1. Our research into microalgae has led to a number of opportunities, including the production of astaxanthin marketed under the Regenurex brand.
  2. Our zero-waste agricultural research converts livestock manure into organic fertilizers and biomethane, which is then consumed by single-cell proteins that are ultimately converted into livestock feed.
  3. Our OnPoint terpene formulations are available direct-to-consumer through our website and are being white-labelled in the spring of 2020.

To aid research and achieve our goals, PT3 has also become an active Impact Investor.

Executive Team

James Irwin

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Frank Dionisi

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Travis Scott

Chief Science Officer Learn more

Strategic Alliances

Christopher Bush

Director – Ag Tech Consortium &
Founder of Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society

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