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Point 3 Biotech is a privately held Canadian Corp founded by James Irwin and Frank Dionisi in July 2018. The company’s current main areas of research are terpenes and zero-waste agriculture. To aid research and achieve our goals, PT3 has also become an active Impact Investor.

Exclusive Team

James Irwin

As a serial entrepreneur, James Irwin has always had a keen sense of opportunity. Early in his career, he led a research project that used microalgae for biofuels. The US military was intrigued and invited him to submit a project to the $100 million Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) competition, where his team finished in the top six out of 42. The biofuels project led to research into using the algae as a pharmaceutical resource, which led to the development of the anti-inflammatory Regenurex, and its sale to the publicly held Pond Technologies.

James’ expertise in bio-refining has made him an in-demand speaker on emerging environmental and sustainability technologies. Among other engagements, he has addressed the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and the Canada Trade Mission to China.

Frank Dionisi

It’s one thing to be a visionary, but it’s another to be someone who sees beyond the vision and can make it happen. Frank Dionisi is both and is doing it for a second time.

Frank’s first big success was the development of The Bridge Network’s Tracker, a dental-practice management system that is still going strong after nearly 30 years. Frank conceived the idea in the early 1990s while waiting for a dental appointment and observing the Unix and DOS-based computer systems that the office’s staff were using. He recognized that a graphical (GUI) interface could be leveraged to simplify dental offices’ tasks, and subsequently designed the Tracker system. Tracker was the first Windows-based dental computer system in Canada and quickly became a market leader.

While Frank is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of The Bridge Network, he remains an owner and has used some of the profits to support other novel research. This includes James Irwin’s development of Regenurex astaxanthin, the profits from which helped fund the founding of Point 3 Biotech.

Travis Scott,

With an aptitude for botany, chemistry and the environment, Travis Scott could have opted for a number of well-established traditional medical or pharmaceutical careers. His choice, though, was to pursue research into the extraction of novel botanical compounds for healthcare.

As Extraction and Processing Manager with James’ company, Regenurex Health Corp, Travis used his botanical and chemical knowledge to double the concentration of the harvested astaxanthin while increasing the efficiency of the overall process. Regenurex was sold to Pond Technologies and Scott became Director of Quality Assurance with a cannabis production company, where he was also the Alternative Responsible Person in Charge (A/RPIC), a key position legislated by the Canadian government for all companies in the cannabis industry. When James founded Point 3 with Frank Dionisi, Travis moved his expertise to the new company, to more deeply explore the benefits that could be derived from algae, bacteria and hemp.

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Christopher Bush

Director | Ag Tech Consortium & Founder of Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society

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