Sustainable Agriculture

Point 3 Biotech is involved in Bio Methane Potential research and Third-Party BMP testing.

sustainable agriculture

Bio Methane Potential Research

Our primary focus is developing recipes based on multiple agricultural-based feedstocks. Our analytics lab is designed to do Biomethane potential “BMP” research. We have bench-scale reactors at .5 litres and can scale up to 4500’s litres. The focus is on dairy, hog and chicken manures as not all manures have the same potential. We can increase renewable natural gas “RNG” production and decrease residence time by blending and pre-treating, as each feedstock has pros and cons.

Third-party BMP testing.

As the world address’s the environment and climate change, how we deal with organic waste will help reduce its impact on the environment. We provide third-party testing for organizations looking for ways to cut waste disposal costs and generate revenue through bioenergy production. We can establish how to remove most RNG from the waste stream through BMP testing. Once the energy (RNG) has been removed, the remaining digestate still contains residual nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which can be mined out through developing technologies. The first step in considering Anaerobic digestion is to establish BMP of the specific waste/feedstock. PT3 can test this material at a bench scale. We have a complete analytic’s lab that can do the bench-scale BMP work through our AMPTs system. Once we have established bench-scale potential, we can scale the recipe up to 4500 litres if required. We have experience in-house in building large-scale digestors to scrubbing the RNG for pipeline injection.

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