Sustainable Agriculture

Point 3 Biotech is involved in Bio Methane Potential research and Third-Party BMP testing.

sustainable agriculture

Maximizing Resources for a Sustainable Future:

Exploring, Scaling, and Testing Technology using Point 3 Biotech's Comprehensive Anaerobic Digester Pilot Plant

Third-Party Technology / Solution testing:

Advancing Bioenergy Production and Upcycling Residuals

In the physical world, the concept of “waste” doesn’t truly exist; instead, resources often go unused or underutilized. Our organization offers third-party testing and demonstration services to help companies reduce waste disposal costs and find ways to generate revenue. One of our primary areas of expertise is bioenergy production, particularly through upcycling agricultural residuals.

Our operations have collected substantial baseline data using mixed manures from dairy, hog, and poultry sources as feedstock blends. This foundation serves as a baseline and allows for optimizing biomethane production. Our facility is intentionally designed to isolate individual variables for comparative analysis against a real-time control, ensuring accurate and meaningful results.

Our ultimate mission is to advance systems solutions that maximize economic and environmental benefits through upcycling residuals. We aim to help organizations maximize their resources and contribute to a sustainable future. Our skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment are ready to collaborate with and complement your efforts. Together, we can create a positive impact and drive resource utilization and environmental conservation progress.

Cutting-Edge Reactor System:

Scaling Up and Monitoring with Advanced Sensors

Our facility is equipped with a range of reactors, starting from 500ML bench reactors and scaling up to individual reactors with capacities of 1L, 20L, 250L, and 400L. Additionally, we have dual identical 3-vessel reactor chains in series, each with 4500L capacity. This pilot system features an automated semi-continuous feeding system connected to a shared manifold, allowing it to mimic both plug flow and CSTR reactors and provide time-phased process information.

Each reactor comes with an individual gas volume meter and multiple sample ports for both gas and liquid samples. Additionally, every vessel is fitted with an advanced “biological health” sensor that provides real-time reporting. Beyond these, we also possess a substantial 85,000L plug-flow reactor as part of our capabilities.

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