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White-label Agreement

Jul 20 :

We are excited to announce that TerpWell Inc. is now providing our OnPoint Full Spectrum Hops-based formulations on their online store at

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What is Zero Waste Agriculture?

Jun 20 :

Chris Bush explains The Symbiosis Centre & the benefits of renewable Bio-energy (12 min video presentation).

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Mushroom Blends now available


Jun 20 :

Two Canadian sourced 100% pure, organic mushrooms blends added to OnPoint 4 Health line of nutraceutical products.

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COVID-19 & How Astaxanthin Can Help


Apr 20 :

A new study shows how Astaxanthin can help the fight to protect your respiratory & immune system against the COVID threat.

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PT3 Develops 4Immunity Blend


Mar 20 :

A full spectrum Hops-based formulation with over 25 additional supported terpenes that have been shown to help regulate the body’s immune system.

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PT3 awarded $300,000


Mar 20 :

With the dedication of our partner, Chris Bush, PT3 awarded $300,000 funding from NGIF.

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Zero Waste Agriculture


Dec 19 :

PT3 is participating in the Rockefeller Foundation Food System Vision Prize.

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SynBioBeta Bio-Belt Ambassador


Sep 19 :

Our CEO, James Irwin, has been selected as a Bio-Belt Ambassador for SynBioBeta 2019 & will attend The Global Synthetic Biology Summit.

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OnPoint Tri-Blends


Aug 19 :

PT3 launches our line of OnPoint™ 4 Health Tri-Blends that are a mixture of three, pure botanical, food-grade terpenes.

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PT3 selected for BC Tech Summit


Mar 19 :

PT3 selected as one of the ‘Pitching Companies’ during the 2019 BC Tech Summit held in Vancouver, BC.

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Hello Tomorrow Global Summit


Mar 19 :

PT3 to attend the Hello Tomorrow global summit in Paris, France where our partner, Christopher Bush of ACES, has been selected to be a curator.

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PT3 acquires AD Pilot Plant


Feb 19 :

PT3 acquires an Anaerobic Digester Pilot Plant to accelerate microbial conversion research in BC.

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OnPoint Terpene Formulations


Dec 18 :

PT3 launches its first line of OnPoint™ 4 Health Full Spectrum terpene formulations under the OnPoint™ brand.

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