Terpene Formulations.

OnPoint Full Spectrum Terpene Formulations

OnPoint Full Spectrum Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp) and Humulus lupulus (Hops) based formulations are scientifically designed to enhance specific medicinal properties of Cannabis. Our terpenes are thoroughly tested and certified pesticide-free from an accredited third-party lab. OnPoint essential oil formulations can be individually taken with your preferred THC and CBD source to enhance the desired "Entourage Effect" of your Cannabis. 

OnPoint formulations allows you to enjoy the flexibility and benefits of five different targeted full spectrum Terpene blends. For example: Start your morning with a formulation 4Wellness, boost your evening clarity 4Kick, get a better night's rest with our formulation 4Sleep or increase productivity anytime with our 4Chill or 4Focus formulations. 

OnPoint formulations begin with a whole plant terpene profile from our farmed Cannabis sativa L. The diversity and range of the bioactive compounds provided in our formulations are not found in Terpene isolates produced from other non-cannabis sources. Taking advantage of the synergistic ‘Hemptourage Effect’ of these hemp-derived botanical compounds has been shown to optimize the health and wellness effects from Cannabis versus just taking THC or CBD’s in isolation.

Our Farmed Hemp Terpene profile

Gr1 Hemp Strain Profile


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Ki2 Hemp Strain Profile


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Key Terpene Profiles


Aroma: Pine
Found In: Pine Needles, Rosemary, Basil, Parsley, Dill

Medicinal : Asthma/Pain/Ulcer relief, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Anxiety


Aroma: Cloves, Earthy, Herbal
Found in: Hops, Mango, Lemongrass
Medicinal : Aides Insomnia, Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammation


Aroma: Woody, Earthy
Found in: Hops, Coriander, Cloves, Basil
Medicinal : Anti-Inflammatory


Aroma: Lilac, Crabapple blossoms  
Found in: Pine oil, Cajuput oil
Medicinal : Antibiotic, Antioxidant, Anti-Tumour, Sedative, Anti-Inflammatory, Antimalarial, Anxiolytic


 Aroma: Pepper, Spicy, Woody, Cloves
Found in: Black Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon
Medicinal : Stress/Pain/Ulcer Relief, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Depression


 Aroma: Floral
Found in: Lavender
Medicinal : Mood enhancement, Anti-anxiety, Anti-Depression, Aides Insomnia


 Aroma: Rose Grass, Peaches, Plums
Found in: Lemons, Tobacco
Medicinal : Antioxidant, Neuroprotectant Potential 


Aroma: Sweet, Pungent, Cedar
Found in: Turpentine, Rosemary, Cedar
Medicinal : Anti-Inflammatory, Anti- Inflammation


Aroma: Minty
Found in: Eucalyptus Tree
Medicinal : Pain Relief, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungal, Promising for Alzheimer’s