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Our Research

Microalgae and Astaxanthin.


Production of Astaxanthin from a strain of microalgae called Haematococcus Pluvialis which is presently selling direct to consumer through the Regenurex brand.

The Future of Food


Production of single cell proteins through fermentation using a bacterium called Methanotroph. A closed system converts the powerful greenhouse gas “Methane” into proteins.

Cannabis sativa L. Terpenes


Farming  Cannabis sativa L. (Hemp) for the "wet" extraction and distribution of quality, full-spectrum Terpene formulations through our OnPoint 4 Health Brand.

News: An anaerobic digester pilot plan acquired.

 Point 3 Biotech Corp. has acquired a three million dollar anaerobic digester pilot plant to provide a platform and services unparalleled in North American Agriculture.  The equipment has been placed and energized at Seabreeze Farm in Delta British Columbia. This is the first on farm digester in Canada to include a full nutrient extraction system.  A strategic alliance has been formed with Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society, a BC pioneer in AD and Renewable Natural Gas to operate the systems/program.  

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