Science for Sustainability & Health.
Full Spectrum Terpenes.

Privately held Canadian Corp. Our 3 points of research are:

Astaxanthin production

Microalgae and Astaxanthin.

Production of Astaxanthin from a strain of microalgae called Haematococcus Pluvialis which is presently selling direct to consumer through our OnPoint™, as well as the original Regenurex™ brands.

Seeds in Heart Hands

Zero Waste

Addressing the future of food through a systemic solution of microbial conversion by taking livestock manure and turning it into organic fertilizers & biomethane. We can then convert methane into single-cell proteins.

Full spectrum terpene Trichromes

Full Spectrum

Farming Hemp and sourcing Hops & other botanicals for the “wet extraction” and distribution of quality, full spectrum terpenes which are the basis of our OnPoint™ formulations.