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A privately held Canadian Corporation with three key focuses of research

Waste to Energy
via Hydrogen Injection

Exploring how adding hydrogen to on-farm biogas plants can increase Renewable Natural Gas production, improve the carbon intensity of the gas, and offer a platform for adopting emerging hydrogen production technologies.

sustainable agriculture


Investigating microbial conversion in our scaled Anaerobic Digestion research facility in Abbotsford, BC. to efficiently extract energy and nutrients from diverse agricultural waste streams.

full spectrum terpenes

Full Spectrum

Conducting research on full spectrum terpenes to create and distribute scientifically formulated, high-quality formulations.

About Us

Point 3 Biotech is a privately held Canadian Corp founded by James Irwin and Frank Dionisi in July 2018. The company’s current main areas of research are terpenes and zero-waste agriculture.

Our work in anaerobic digestion (AD) has shown us how specific compounds like terpenes can positively affect the microbial communities in our gut. The knowledge gained in both fields will lead to further research on the microbiome.

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